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Garden Seat Swing – On a warm summer day, it would be great to come home from work and go out to the garden, porch, or deck and set in a garden-porch swing. Where you can seat and rest your shoulders, neck, and head. A wood porch swing that is so comfortable that it will remind you of the summer days of long ago when your family spent so much time on the front porch. There are many different designs on the market to choose from. A few of these designs are.

They are ideal for relaxing in on a hot summery afternoon while you sip your cool drink or when you are just trying to finish that book you have been reading. In winter snuggled under a couple of warm blankets with a mug of your favorite hot drink your patio furniture swing will become a favorite spot.

Modern patio furniture swings can be made of many materials but are normally constructed with a metal and wood frame. Even some of the more modern materials such as plastic and resin impregnated fiber glass still use metal or wood structural frames, particularly if they have a self supporting canopy structure.

The preferred wood varieties are pine, cedar and alder. Cedar is most popular due to the natural looks it has and also its resistance to mold, fungi and rot. Resistance of the material to such elements has to be considered especially when you planning to put the swing outside where it would be exposed to sun and rain.

The types of cedar used to make porch swings are northern white cedar and western red cedar. Western red cedar looks richer and has a smoother texture making it more popular type.

Cypress, another kind of wood is also used in making porch swings. Cypress offers high resistance to insects due to the oil present in the wood.

Pine wood porch swings are very affordable and if treated correctly they are highly resistant to rot.

Patio furniture swings are normally big enough to hold at least two people but some are able to seat three or more, and there are even extremely comfortable single seat swings on the market. Find more interested information on .

The design of the swings vary greatly as does the quality and expense of the construction and finish.

Decorative crafting on the side rails and at the backrest of the swing can bring out the aesthetic aspect of the swing but at a cost. The addition of a self supporting frame will be an added cost as will a canopy.

Porch swings can differ in the way their seat depth and backrest is set up. Backrests are normally at a 90 degree angle or can be customized as required by the customers. You can get the swing customized to ensure that it meets your personal preference.


Red Cedar Royal High Back Porch Swing
This swing was built for style and comfort. It’s award winning design, featuring an uncommonly deep comfortable seat, a high headrest, and built in lower lumbar support. All this makes it one of the top choice among porch swings.

Windsor Rose Wicker Swing
For the ultimate in style, grace, and charm, let our magnificent windsor rose swing be the defining element on your porch, gazebo, or patio.

Rose Garden Swing
This stunning swing will rival the roses themselves for the distinction of being the most beautiful object in the garden. It has a natural brilliance, as well as being resistance to decay and moisture. These innate qualities, along with it’s classic design and radiant finish, will make it a blue ribbon addition to your outdoor furniture collection.


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